War Campaign Battle of Azeroth

New content called “War Campaign” in the “Battle for Azeroth” can be considered a full-fledged

New content called “War Campaign” in the “Battle for Azeroth” can be considered a full-fledged replacement of class halls from the previous expansion “Legion”. Similar mechanics are present here, but in another shell. At level 112 (information from the beta test), you can participate in the war campaign in BfA. Players of the Horde and the Alliance receive an initial mission from the corresponding NPCs and get on the ships that are preparing the assault on the enemy territory. The fighters of the first faction will meet with Garona, and representatives of the second will go to the ship located in Boralus. After the first tasks, the player will receive an ally companion and 100 Military Resources.

In the future, the War Campaign will be aimed at creating strong points of its faction on the enemy mainland. The user must pass a series of tasks in three locations. Access to the construction of strongholds opens at 112, 114 and 118 levels. Each separate territory has its own chain of quests. As a reward for its completion, the player receives a well-known character as followers. For example, for the Alliance: John J. Keeshan, Master Umbrik; for the Horde: Rexxar and Dark Hunter Denjai.

When tasks with strongholds are completed, the player must have the status of “friendly” with all factions on the continent and be level 120. Then the reward will be access to new assignments in the BfA new War Campaign for the unification of Kul-Tiras and Zandalar. Also, users will receive a “Flight Manager Whistle” – an item that teleports to the nearest point for air traversing. After the unification of all peoples on the continent, tasks will appear to eliminate the most dangerous characters of the Horde and Alliance factions, respectively. They are mandatory for the full completion of the “War Campaign”.

As in the previous expansion, followers can be sent on tasks via a special desk on the ship, where the first missions are issued. They take up some time, and for a successful performance a prize is provided. It can be a token for reputation, a relic for sale, gold and the like. Companions can become stronger through the leveling and acquiring new abilities.

When comparing the “War Campaign” and the “Class Order Hall”, the similarities are immediately apparent. Developers even use the same table that appeared in the “Garrison”. Players from beta tests dubbed the new content with a mixture of all ideas in this direction with the additions “Warlords of Draenor” and “Legion.” The only difference is the setting of confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance with the opportunity to visit the enemy mainland and carry out missions in new locations. In the “Legion” there was also a division into stages, the unification of factions and even the ” Flight Manager Whistle” was issued. Many players will want to buy war Campaign boost, because to complete this content you will need to go through a large number of tasks. Conclusion: the developers took the old concept, adjusted the realities of the new add-on “Battle for Azeroth” and gave it to the players once again.

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